with Suzanne Déry

'Bone Meal' GROUP EXHIBITION AT THE HIDDEN GARDENS, TRAMWAY, GLASGOW as part as Glasgow International 2018, 20/04 - 07/05/18 (with Josée Aubin Ouellette (cur.), Suzanne Déry, Aideen Doran, Lauren Hall and Claire Shallcross) and at BLOC PROJECTS, SHEFFIELD, 19/07 - 03/08/19 (with Kedisha Coakley, Charlotte Dawson, Mandy Gamsu, Donghwan Ko, Gemma Mackenzie, David Orme and Jill Tate)

Hoo Was Thu Moost Happi? 2064
Print on PVC mesh, steel, timber, fixtures
5m x 4m

Hoo Was Thu Moost Happi? 2064
Poster print on paper, collage, water
841mm x 1189 mm

Mud block
Flower block
Rust block
Hulk block
Block with holes

All 2018
Aggregates, water, plastic containers

Bone Meal was generously supported by Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts and Creative Scotland Open Fund.