Seeing people build things

    Dealing with one’s completion,

    from desk to desk, to doctor’s office, to passenger seat.

    Undisciplined alternatives slide out through slip roads and arteries, their heads
    fan heaters and their midsections paper mulch, pinned together and seen not
    exactly as they are but as the lens through which they are viewed or as their
    foregrounded parts.

    There were other things I wanted to include, like plug sockets, socks, shoes, self-
    esteem, purpose, seborrhoeic build-up, motherhood, hormones, jobs, money,
    but these things are set too close, and I am too tired to focus.

'A Brief History of Girliness' SOLO PRESENTATION AT SPACE IN BETWEEN, LONDON, 18/03 - 23/04/16 

n.b. the handrails are set at a height of around 150cm 

A brief History of Girliness was generously supported by Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts.